Foundation Chimding aims to improve living conditions and prospects of children in Nepalese villages, working closely with local people. We are now active in three villages in the district of Solukhumbu in northeast Nepal close to Mount Everest; in a village in the region of Dolakha we support a library. In cooperation with the local community schools and libraries have been renovated and improved and training programmes for teachers are executed on a regular basis.

After the earthquakes in the spring of 2015 our foundation has initially provided emergeny relief and then we put all our energy into attracting resources in order to enable restoration of the damage to schools and libraries.

The school in Chimding was totally destroyed and a completely new school has been built on a safer location in the village. This was also made possible by many donations and by the efforts of the local population. In Kerung financial help came forward for repairs to the classrooms. In Chyangshar the library was seriously damaged; the authorities have contributed towards a new building.

The school in Chimding, ready for new lessons!

In Boch work has been initiated on a new building for the library and the computerlab. Foundation Chimding furnishes half the outlay to cover the costs for this project.

The start of the new building for library and computerlab in Boch

After restoration of the buildings the first priority will be teacher training and bringing the collections of the libraries up to standard.

So a lot of money is still needed in order to do the job required. Please donate generously on NL 76 ING B 000 44 16 711 (BIC: INGB NL2a) to account Stichting Chimding. We would be very, very grateful.

In projects you may read more about our activities and how our foundation works with the local community in trying to repair the damage caused by the earthquake. By clicking on the pictures at the top of the page of each village you are informed about what has been achieved so far.

In our Policy Plan 2013-2017 (only in Dutch) we describe our plans for the years to come. This plan was conceived before the earthquake and will be adapted.

Under financial results, the balance sheet 2015 and the annual report 2015 (only in Dutch) you can read how we spent your money. Would you like to support us more often? Please click here for more information.

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Our You-Tube-channel shows a number of videos about our projects.