In 2009 Foundation Chimding has realized a library in Kerung. Kerung is the biggest place in the area with a school for children from the ages of three to sixteen. Older children from Chimding and Chyangshar go to school here too. The library is situated in the school grounds. At the moment the collection consists of around 1500 books and educational toys and games. Furthermore there are subscriptions to two newspapers and a number of magazines.

Beginners group

Foundation Chimding pays for the librarian. He looks after the collection, lends out the books and materials, and receives groups. Apart from that he supports the libraries in Chimding and Chyangshar. 

All classes visit the library according to a schedule. Adults and children from elsewhere in the region come too, in order to read, to borrow books and to play games. Every year a Dutch librarian goes to Nepal to guide the project. Foundation Chimding has paid for Pemchiri, the Nepalese librarian to follow English lessons in Kathmandu and for his computer lessons.

Since 2014 the teachers follow training courses. These courses provide the teachers with skills to teach in a more interactive and child-friendly manner. One of the changes following from this is grade teaching for the three youngest age groups. That means that one teacher teaches one group so that there is more order in the class, which makes for better concentration.

Because of the earthquakes no training was given in 2015. In 2016 a fresh start will be made with a training for headmasters, a computertraining and a training focusing on educational software.

The earthquakes have caused relatively little damage to the school in Kerung. The school has been restored but two of the classrooms still need some repairs.

Renovated classroom