In 2007 Chimding was the first village that was supported by Foundation Chimding. The village built a school with six classrooms.
The earthquakes in April and May completely destroyed the school. Between December 2015 and June 2016 a new schoolbuilding accommodating nine classrooms has been realized   on a safer spot in the centre of the village. This building is one story high and is earthquake proof. This new building could be realized by means of donations and because of the active participation of the local population.

This short film: ‘A School with a View’ gives you an impression of the new school.

The foundation pays the salaries of two teachers to make teaching a reality. In 2014 all teachers followed a second series of courses so that in the new school year so called 'grade’-teaching, was introduced. The three youngest classes now have their own teachers.

Pancha Maya teaches about forms

In 2009 a small school library was installed. This library was destroyed too, but a new library cum computer room has been attached to the new school. There are the beginnings of a new collection but a lot of development is still needed here over the next few years. It is the intention that Pemchire, the Kerung librarian, will see to it that books can be exchanged once every fortnight.

training for parents

Every second year all pupils are issued with a new red and blue uniforms. Sports and games complement cognitive training.

School playground in Chimding