Teacher training
It is the intention of the Foundation to offer the school teachers an annual training. In Nepal the level of teaching is generally speaking quite low. Finishing secondary education is considered enough as a teachers’ certificate. There is no didactical training to prepare teachers for their jobs. We work with our local partners in providing courses for teachers who are just beginning and more experienced teachers. The Foundation intends to continue facilitating these courses, for examples around didactics or in working with educational software, but also for heads of school so that they can work better with teachers. In 2018 there will be a new basic course for new teachers of twenty days. The teachers will have to follow this course in the school holiday.

trainer Nanda Khapangi (ECEC)

ECEC trainers will come to Solukhumbu to give a refreshment course to all teachers. The difficult circumstances have not so much affected knowledge but modern teaching skills have suffered.

In the four villages where Foundation Chimding has been active so far, libraries have been relaised. These libraries are used a lot by pupils, and also by the locals. Each year new books and games are bought. There are some subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.

Reading and handicrafts in the Chimding library

In the long run Foundation Chimding intends to realise small libraries for the schools in the other villages in VDC Kerung. These villages and their schools are comparable to Chimding and its school and their children go to Kerung for secondary education. So the Foundation would like to give these children the same opportunities to gain knowledge and information as the children have in the village where we are active now.
In 2018 the Foundation intends to open a library in the school of Pattale. This school has a room available and the teachers are very keen on having a library in the village.

The village of Bagam (625 inwoners) is situated at a distance of three hours of walking from Chimding. The Bagam school, like the Chimding school, was hit by the 2015 earthquake. The school has now 130 pupils and provides education for the first eight years of basic education, just like the school in Chimding. The inhabitants of Bagam are very eager to build a new school and are prepared tot o a lot of the physical work as was apparent on our first visit in  May 2017. Foundation Chimding has initiated fund-raising in orde to realise a new school cum small library here. In September 2017 VDC Kerung has promised to fund one third of the school i.e. two classrooms.

Damaged classroom in Bagam

In order to realise a new school in Bagam and libraries for all schools in VDC Kerung we are now raising funds. Are you willing to help us? Your contribution is very welcome. Our account is NL 76 ING B 000 44 16 711Stichting Chimding.

Coalition partners
Foundation Chimding is very happy with the way in which we work with ECEC and OLE-Nepal. Dhese organisations are very valuable for the quality of education the the villages. The knowledge the teachers have gathered before the earthquake is still useful. Therefore we do wish to continue investing in traing for teachers in order to raise the level of education.

Please read and learn more about:

OLE-Nepal (Open Learning Exchange Nepal)
OLE Nepal aims to improve education by means of computer support.

ECEC (Early Childhood Educational Centre)
ECEC has an extensive collection of educational materials for sale and organizes teacher training so that teachers learn how to effectively use educational games for younger children.

In this film you see more about the work of ECEC

More information on ECEC you will find here.                             

And further

Every year at least one of our boardmembers visits the projects in Nepal to check on progress. Of course all expenses were paid out of their own pockets.

Also have a look at the short films about the projects on our YouTube-channel.