Foundation Chimding aims to improve the living conditions and prospects of children in Nepalese villages by means of education. By this we mean appropriate training and instruction.

We always work in close collaboration with local people.

Foundation Chimding is a non-profit organisation and is completely dependent on donations. In the four years of our existence we have started several successful  projects.

We guarantee that close to 100% of all donations directly benefit the inhabitants of the Nepalese mountain villages. Everyone of us is a volunteer and therefore we receive no financial compensation for our activities. Inevitable extra costs such as travel and accommodation expenses are paid out of our own pockets.

Here you can read in full about our objective, basic assumptions and preconditions.



Board members


: Jeroen van den Brink


: Anne-Door de Jong


: Marco Kret


: Etienne van Druenen


: Marianne Mondeel

Website, newsletter

: Len van Twisk

Project manager in Nepal

: Buda Singh Tamang