Foundation Chimding pays for the salaries of some of the teachers at the school in Chimding. Als the librarian’ s salary is provided for by the foundation. This person is in charge of the regional libraries. The libraries get a number of new books annually in order to add to the collection and  to replace books that can no longer be used. The Foundation also provides annual training courses for teachers in cooperation with organisations in Nepal.





  • A new library building was Boch. It is attached to the Shree Devi Higher Secondary School. Foundation Chimding provided half of the finances for this building.
  • Transfer of the organisation of the library in Boch. Now the school is running it. This finalizes our activities in Boch. From now on the foundation will focus on Solokhumbu.
  • A new school building was finished in Chimding. There was a festive opening. The old school was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. It is replaced by a beautiful building that is earthquakeproofa. A library and a computer school are part of the school.



  • Start of construction of a new school in Chimding with nine classrooms and a library.
  • The headmasters and their assistants follow a two-day training course in Kathmandu
  • OLE-Nepal has installed the digital library on all school computers in Chimding and Kerung
  • Training course for teacher in the use of the digital library.



  • The new computer room in Chimding has been finished. This room was heavily damaged in the earthquake.
  • Emergency covers have been provided for people who could no longer live in their houses after the earthquake.
  • The teachers of all villages have followed seven day refreshment courses. The courses were given on location by two ECEC-trainers.


  • The teachers of all villages have followed seven day refreshment courses. The courses were given on location by two ECEC-trainers.
  • All headmasters and their assistants followed a three-day headmastertraining by ECEC in Kathmandu.
  • First-aid kits, that were well stocked, were delivered to all schools in Chimding, Chyangshar and Kerung.


  • Continuation of the 20-day  teacher training course.
  • Evaluation of the ECEC-training courses and  of the use of laptops provided by OLE-Nepal



  • The library in Chyangshar was finished. There was a festive opening,
  • Five e-paati have been bought for teach of the schools in Kerung, Chyangshar and  Chimding elk aangeschaft. E-paati are small laptops with educational software in Nepali and English.
    In cooperation with OLE-Nepal (
  • OLE-Nepal trains twelve teachers in the use of the laptops.
  • The villages of Boch, Chyangshar, Kerung and Chimding receive a big crate with materials for playng and learning.
  • ECEC (Early Childhood Education Centre) trains the schoolteachers of Soluhumbu . The training course will take 20 days spread over three periods in 2012-2013.
  • The class rooms for the youngest children will be fitted out with low furniture and floor carpets.


  • Construction and festive opening of a school in Chyangshar en feestelijk geopend. The Shree Seati Gyai Primary School is for children up to ten years old who are too young to walk the distance to Kerung. The funds were raised by the project ‘De Verwondering’.


  • Design and opening of a small library in Chimding


  • Design and opening of a small library in Kerung


  • The new school in Chimding had a festive opening. Unfortunately this school was destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes.